What is an optical touch screen?

- Aug 20, 2018-

Optical touch screen on the scientific sounds very good, some heard such a word may all don't know what optical touch screen is. In fact, it is our common capacitive touch screen technology, photosensitive sensor should be sensitive, so is widely used in meeting, business place, education training, medical, industrial, smart home, etc, than we also want to know why optical touch screen in it then get the favour of the broad masses of manufacturers? Come with me to understand it!

The optical touch screen has high stability, high impact resistance, high resolution, high touch sensitivity and supports multiple systems.

Compared with the infrared touch screen and capacitive screen in the market, the optical touch screen with high stability has more advantages in stability performance, and its operation will not change due to the change of time and environment.At the same time, the optical touch screen also has strong adaptability, even in the presence of static electricity and electricity or in fog weather can be used normally.

The screen has excellent impact resistance and high resolution: the reliable quality of the optical touch screen has impact resistance, which can be a good way to prevent the screen from being hit by foreign objects or accidentally falling off and causing the screen to crack.Besides, the resolution of the optical touch screen is far superior to that of other types of touch screen. The picture can guarantee the clear picture quality to the greatest extent and give users the best visual enjoyment.

High touch sensitivity: the use of the optical touch screen does not require too much effort, and you can react instantly by tapping your finger on the screen to complete the operation specified by the user.Anything that can be touched will not affect its sensitivity, including the use of a stylus or pencil.Rapid response allows users to complete a series of operations without waiting.

Support multiple systems: the optical touch screen can not only achieve multi-screen interaction, a computer connected to multiple touch screens, but also support multiple computer operating systems.And the optical touch screen can be used directly as long as it is connected with the computer host.

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