What is the difference between a capacitive touch screen and an industrial touch screen

- Jun 29, 2018-

Touch screens are a large category, and they contain many small categories, such as capacitive touch screens, infrared touch screens, and surface acoustic touch screens.

However in capacitive touch screen and there are many application direction of commonly used in industrial equipment are called industrial touch screen, is called medical touch screen on medical apparatus and instruments, used in smart home is called smart home touch screen and so on.Industrial touch screen is used in capacitive touch screen in the direction of another name so they work is essentially the same, such as shenzhen capacitance screen also has the characteristics of capacitive touch screen multi-touch, waterproof and fingerprint anti-dazzle reflection, and so on.

Industrial touch screen touch.


Industrial touch screen shows high resolution digital image at the same time, the staff can directly move the image on the screen with your fingers or input data, even wear rubber gloves and do not affect the effect of touch, more intuitive more convenient operation to make the process of a complex operation simple, thus greatly improve the work efficiency.