What is the difference between a capacitive touch screen and a TFT LCD screen?

- Sep 12, 2019-

A capacitive touch screen is not a real screen, but a component that is mounted above the LCD screen. The capacitive screen is a transparent tempered glass in appearance.

Furthermore, the two cannot be compared horizontally because they are not parts of the same kind. Most phones have both screens at the same time.

A capacitive touch screen is a touch screen that is transparent like glass and does not display anything or emit light. Its function is to sense the user's touch operation.


The TFT screen is the real screen. TFT is the most widely used liquid crystal display material, mainly used in the low-end display field, and is applied more on mobile phones. The TFT liquid crystal screen is a thin film transistor liquid crystal screen, which is a display screen, and has no function of sensing touch, and can only be used to display an image.

In current mobile phones, these two types of screens are usually used at the same time, and the two are overlapped up and down. The TFT LCD screen is responsible for displaying images, while the capacitive touch screen is responsible for sensing user operations. This is the "internal screen" and "outer screen".