What is the difference between capacitive touch screen and electromagnetic touch screen

- Dec 03, 2018-

Capacitive touch screen

The cost is high, and the idea is to use the electrical current generated by the computer when it comes into contact with the screen to locate it, so you can manipulate it with your fingers, but not with non-living things like nails or pens.In addition, the precision of capacitive touch screens can reach several pixels in theory, but the effective range is about 1 square centimeter.As a result, capacitive touch screens are unlikely to be able to recognize handwriting, let alone draw lines.In typical e-reader apps, you'll find that you can't use your nails, pen, etc., but you can use your fingers.Between resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen, more and more devices have chosen to use capacitive touch screen.The iphone, for example, most android phones use capacitive touch screens.Because of the way these two screens work, they don't fit into an e-reader and are difficult to install on top of.So all the screens with handwriting are touch sensitive touch screens.

Electromagnetic induction touch screen

The basic principle of electromagnetic induction touch screen is to identify the magnetic field changes caused by the operation of the electromagnetic pen and the sensor under the panel. The electromagnetic pen is the signal transmitter (transceiver), and the antenna plate is the signal receiver.High cost, electromagnetic touch panel of light transmittance, high resolution, responsive, with z-axis induction ability, suitable for drawing, handwriting identification, and so on, and no direct contact with the screen, can touch the advantages.The precision of the electromagnetic induction pen, handwriting recognition and so on are very suitable for underline, annotation and notes in the text gap, which is the main reason for e-reader to use it.And electromagnetism type touches control module to have flexible type to be born especially, can match software monitor, drawback is, it relies on handwritten pen electromagnetism to send will locate, operation must use a pen.So the current use of screen electronic reader products, are electromagnetic induction type touch, can not be operated by hand.

Resistive touch screen

The price is very cheap, the accuracy can reach the accuracy of a single pixel, you can use fingers, fingernails, stylus and other east to operate.However, it is soft and prone to scratches. Due to the use of extra screen layer, it performs very poorly in sunlight and has low visibility.The industry is also aware of the problem of handwritten touch on the screen and is conducting research on finger touch on the screen.For example, whether you can use resistive touch screen and screen together.

How do you differentiate between these three screens?Very simple, can operate with the finger, but cannot operate with the nail, pen and other non-biological, is capacitive touch screen.It can be operated with fingers, nails, branches, etc. It is a resistive touch screen.Can use electromagnetism pen to operate only, cannot use finger, toothpick, the hard thing such as branch operates, it is electromagnetism induction screen.