What is the Internet age?Changes in industrial screens

- Aug 14, 2018-

What is the Internet age?Industrial screen changes, industrial screen features through the use of horizontal arrangement of liquid crystal molecular structure, when external pressure, hard screen restoration speed will be touched when the original.

The application of touch-screen all-in-one machine is mostly in the commercial channel, and it takes a long time to use. Generally, it is in the starting state 24 hours, which is the common production of embedded industrial screen to the outside or assembly line.

The arrival of the Internet is change, otherwise it is equivalent to the etymology given by the society, which is really waste. Knowing how to use etymologies to make better use of resources is the best feedback to the society and the etymology given by the society. It is all developed by the gods of the people, for example;Resistive touch screens have not been developed, so there must be no capacitive or multi-touch screens today, catching all the etymologies to make their brand better.