what is vtp

- Dec 06, 2019-

I. vtp overview


vtp——Virtual LAN Relay Protocol is a special protocol of Cvisco. It is used to ensure the consistency of configuration. Most Catalyst switches support this protocol.

The VTP protocol can maintain VLAN addition, deletion, and renaming across the corporate network from a single control point.

2. Advantages:

1) Maintain consistent VLAN configuration (VTP is responsible for synchronizing VLAN information in the VTP domain).

2) Provide a method for adding a virtual local area network from a switch in the entire management domain.

3. Conditions for establishing a vtp domain:

To use vtp, you must specify the vtp domain name for each switch

1) Each switch in the domain must use the same vtp domain name

2) Catalyst switches must be adjacent

3) Relay must be enabled

Second, the three modes of vtp:

1.Server mode

Function: 1) can add, delete, change vlan

2) Provide vtp messages

3) Learn vtp messages for the same domain

4) Forward VTP messages with the same domain name

Client mode

Function: 1) Cannot add, delete, change vlan

2) Learn vtp for the same domain

3) Forward the vtp of the same domain name

4) Request a VTP message

3.transparent mode

Features: 1) Does not provide vtp messages

2) Don't learn vtp messages

3) Forwarding VTP messages

4) You can add, delete, and modify vlan, but it is only valid locally

Differences between v1 and v2 versions of vtp:

1. v1 only applies to Ethernet, v2 also applies to token ring

2.v2 can forward vtp in different domain names

Fourth, vtp announcement

1. Overview of VTP announcement:

When using VTP, each switch that joins a VTP domain advertises the following information on its trunk port:

a. Name of the management domain

b. Version number (V1 or V2)

c. Configuration modification number (0 ~ 4294967295)

d. Md5 summary

e. Updater status

2. Features of notice:

1) Send using multicast address: 01-00-0c-cc-cc-cc

2) Pass only through trunk

3) vtp messages are forwarded through vlan1

3. vtp message type:

1) Notification request from the client

2) Summary notice

3) Subset announcement

4. Initialize the revision number to 0:

1) The vtp mode is changed to transparent and then to the server

2) Change the domain name once and change it back

Five: VTP configuration commands:

Vtp domain Create a VTP domain under "Global" or "VLAN Database"

Vtp mode server | client | transparent Configure the VTP mode of the switch under "Global"

Vtp server | client | transparent Configure the VTP mode of the switch in the "VLAN Database"

Vtp password Configure VTP password in Global or VLAN Database

Vtp pruning Configure VTP pruning in Global or VLAN Database

Vtp version 2 Configure the version of VTP under "Global"

Vtp v2-mode Configure VTP pruning in the VLAN Database

Show vtp status View VTP configuration information under "Privileges"

Swichport trunk encapsulation protocol (dot1q or ISL) under "Interface", which encapsulates the trunk protocol