What's the difference between a multitouch and a single-touch?

- Aug 27, 2018-

What's the difference between a multitouch and a single-touch?Supporting multimedia touch the teaching software, can direct the operation of the touch screen interaction to achieve visible, notation, and console interaction, etc., before the touch screen is not in now is the single point touch, to touch or pressure, capacitive touch screen can be more touching the screen at the same time, the past can only be a person to touch the screen to more than ten people or personal touch screen at the same time, we produce intelligent, not as a simple design research and development production, total felling is nuwa created man.

The combination of the touch screen and artificial intelligence drives the development of the Internet industry. The technology of human-computer interaction and hardware equipment jointly realize the human-computer interaction operation without the traditional input equipment.Capacitive touch screen technology is an interactive computer operation which can constitute touch screen and accept multi-point operation on screen at the same time.


Intelligent infrastructure and intelligent touch are provided, and everything is researched and developed in the intelligent interconnected intelligent world. The touch screen is brought into the global intelligent, which is committed to bringing digital intelligence into every person, family and organization in the world, and researching and developing the interconnected intelligent intelligent world.In the future, intelligence will be omnipresent like air. Relying on the open, agile and intelligent touch screen intelligent platform, we can make the intelligent era smart and see the future together.