What technologies need to be developed for resistance touch screens

- Jul 12, 2018-

What technologies need to be developed for resistance touch screens?Now is the face of time, because of beautiful to attract a lot of people, but it need better maintenance and cost, touch-screen technology to consumer market outside of the medical, industrial, and automotive market penetration.With the arrival of the touch screen, a number of touch screen technologies have emerged, such as capacitance, resistance, inductance, surface acoustic waves and infrared touch technology.But because touch screens are new, they have both advantages and disadvantages in design or technology.Capacitive touch screen panel design based on printed circuit boards, touch keys, security, navigation, slider, and roller function and liked by the user, easy grace touch function for the user experience a lot of fresh things.Sound waves can exist in infrared light that requires transparent display.

Resistance touch screen technology is used to design printed electrodes or coils.Because touch screen can be overridden on the screen directly, so save a mechanical switch or capacitive touch key electrode for printed circuit board space, production design resistance touch screen is in dust-free workshop production, production of touch screen is a kind of bad environment damaged, what it will look not clear display shows, such a situation, suggested that under the environment of clean production.