which is better for Notebook 15.6-inch ??a high-definition screen, or a high-resolution screen?

- Oct 10, 2019-

These names do not have a uniform standard, and the merchants mark them.

Standard screen: a notebook standard screen model

Full HD, high score screen, ultra HD: may mean the same, can be different.

(JING East search definition: high score screen 1600 * 900, full HD screen 1920 * 1080, ultra high screen screen 2K-4K. Because the lowest screen selection is now 1920 * 1080, this classification is not significant)

Display: best to see the parameters

The resolution is 1920×1080, now the standard HD screen. 2K, 4K screen (mainstream: 2560x1440, 4096x2160 or so)

Panel TN, IPS, AV, etc., remember that the general IPS effect is best (TN and AV have a good screen, less in the notebook)

Color gamut, generally look at NTSC color gamut, less than 45% garbage, NTSC color gamut is about 45%, and about 72% is better.