Why do we not use a tablet for car navigation?

- Dec 10, 2019-

Is this technology feasible? Not only feasible, but also a megatrend, at least for now. There is a clear trend towards larger screens in automotive center consoles. Take Mercedes-Benz as an example. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has begun to use electronic dashboards and is connected to the central control display. The mechanical dashboard will probably become the same feeling kit as the hammer in the future. Gradually will be full range of applications.


But unfortunately the current central control operation is still the runner. . . From 2018 to 2020, this transition will go further, the screen will be larger, and the car interior will be changed accordingly, and many traditional designs will be replaced. By that day, the big screen era will come


Then I said so much, it's just a digital screen. What about the control method? Let's put it this way, the big flat screen has arrived, and you haven't got touch technology yet ... you and your girlfriend have already opened a room. Do you two still hit dota overnight? After all, the digital screen can provide functions such as custom dashboards, custom display area placement, etc. The current control methods do this ... Friends, how about we do n’t need a mouse to play a starcraft?

For the big screen era, the most secure and convenient control method is still the touch screen (for the time being), so the era of the touch screen that the subject wants is the general trend. If at that time, other black technology operation methods, such as a more realistic voice, gestures, and a more fantasy AT position of brainwave superpowers, have no breakthrough progress, it should be the era of large screens, that is, the era of touch screens.


Why it hasn't been applied may be considered by many people as a cost. But the development of tablet technology has made this problem less problematic. Previously, the technology was not mature enough to be a major reason, not only the cost, the most critical reliability is simply not enough to allow car companies to rest assured. Early Tesla owners, come and come, let's talk about how to control the crash? Now the technology is mature, at least beyond the applicable baseline. Why do car companies wait so many years?