Why is a touch screen of the same size several times more expensive?

- Aug 13, 2018-

Why is a touch screen of the same size several times more expensive?Many purchasing friends must have encountered such problems: for example, they are looking for a 10.1-inch touch screen, but the price is several times different, I do not know how to decide?Here, I would like to share a little experience learned in the process of inquiry. The following factors usually affect the price:


I、Type of touch screen: infrared screen, capacitive screen, resistive screen, etc

II、 Structure: for capacitive screen, there are G+F, G+G, G+F+F, P+G, P+F, P+F, P+F, and so on


III. IC scheme: at present, the commonly used collector top GTxxx, dantai FTxxxx, yili ILIxxxx, helea EETI, etc


IV. Interface: USB, IIC, etc


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