why sometimes the car dvd navigator touch screen does not work ????

- Sep 03, 2019-

Car navigation touch screen is extremely afraid of static electricity: it is easy to break through the capacitive screen. Although the glass on the surface of the car navigation touch screen has undergone certain antistatic treatment, it does not mean that it can resist the static electricity of the human body in winter.


Car navigation touch screen is afraid of oil and sweat and other conductive media: covering the screen will form a conductive layer, causing the screen to drift, hand wash, dry and reuse.

Car navigation touch screen is afraid of "high" temperature: the "high" temperature here is not to use fire to bake, but to reach a temperature of about 40 degrees, it may cause the capacitive screen to drift, long-term at this temperature, the capacitive screen will be tilted Do not sunbathe, do not use it for a long time under the hot sun.

The car navigation touch screen is afraid of the magnetic field: especially the electromagnetic field, the small magnet is placed on the capacitive screen for a while, and the capacitive screen will temporarily fail.

Correction method:

Find the restart (restore factory settings) button on the machine, which is a small built-in button that can be found on the back or side of the machine. All GPS navigators have this button (used after the crash).

After the button is restarted, look at the screen for any reaction. If there is a response, just grab the time and set the calibration screen inside. After calibration, it will be fine.

If the screen does not respond after restarting, if the battery can be taken down, then charge the battery separately, be sure to use the charger; if the battery can not be taken down, use the line to charge, the charging time must be long; if not, it can only be repaired .