Is the capacitive touch screen sensitive?Touch screen manufacturers

- Jul 11, 2018-

Cloud on the touch screen manufacturer has been seeking to improve the performance of existing products, also has maintained a touch screen and touch screen technology, leading technology update direction all the time, the development direction of capacitive touch screen, the navigation using tactile feedback technology, in the near future on the feedback technology, in the add more multi-touch, performance is superior.

Cloud on the touch screen manufacturer on the touch screen technologies, it has been leading the direction of the technology updating, always believe that the touch screen is worth to further the industry, we both need it and the Internet with accurate transfer of information more quickly, multi-touch screen realizes, scratch-resistant also

Implements, waterproof also implements, explosion-proof also implements, another involves the fingerprints, fingerprint time is known to all, now many people are not efforts will get what you want, when no fingerprint proof touch screen, a lot of people are suffered financial loss, got the serious foul many production of touch screen manufacturers also want to give a good solution quickly.

The fingerprint touch screen, use security printing, use patents as shortcuts of navigation to open some functions, such as user can automatically identify music players, are identified by capacitive touch screen to improve some of the touch and touch function, its response function, sensitivity, etc., these are the touch screen with some basic and its function is far more than that.