Xinhechang touch screen manufacturer smart home touch screen

- Aug 28, 2018-

Intelligent home touch screen manufacturer, xinhechang touch screen manufacturer, is a touch screen manufacturer developed by us. Intelligent home touch screen is a mature product developed by us, and its products have been sold in Korea, Japan, Italy, etc, countries around the world.

Xinhechang specializes in the development of touch screen, multi-application and multi-functional design such as G+G, G+F, G+F+F, P+G and other multi-layer structures.The multi-layer structure design is well applied to fingerprint lock, induction card, face recognition, automatic service robot, and so on.In fact, it all comes from the innovative and humanized design of touch control intelligence. The security brought by its use comes from the entrance guard and security system of intelligent fingerprint unlocking designed by xinhechang touch screen manufacturer.