65-inch Infrared Touch Screen

65-inch Infrared Touch Screen

Shenzhen Xinhechang Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company engaged in the research, development, production and sales of infrared interactive equipment. The company team has more than ten years of experience in infrared touch technology. Splicing screen, splicing screen touch frame, touch all-in-one, etc. Extremely fast multi-touch and unique underlying algorithms make human-computer interaction more scientific and make human-computer interaction experience vividly.

Product Details

I Basic Infor of Product :

Screen type :Infrared

Resolution:32768 * 32768

Transmittance :greater than 95%


Contrast :1400: 1

The number of clicks:10000

Response time:5


II Advantages of Product :

Infrared touch screen technology consists of integrated circuits, infrared emitting and receiving light-emitting diode electronic components installed in the touch frame, and the x-, y-axis, and hypotenuse infrared cross-detection nets are formed on the screen surface. Any opaque object blocks the transmission and reception of the infrared LED tube, and the coordinate data calculated by the MCU is fed back to the computer, and the computer can then locate the blocked infrared position through data processing, thereby realizing touch and input operations.

◆ This product supports two-point, four-point, six-point, ten-point, sixteen-point touch;

◆ Drive-free, plug and play.

III Specifications of Product :

Technical principle:Infrared sensor

Touch method:Fingers, pens or other opaque objects

Touch points:1-10 points

Positioning accuracy:≦ 2mm

Interpolation resolution:32768 × 32768

Cursor rate:≥125dots / second

Transfer speed:12mbit / s

Scan rate:High-speed scanning 200scans / s

Responding speed:5ms

Drive:Drive-free, plug and play

Theoretical clicks

Unlimited times

Interface Type

a type usb male

Support system platform

windows, android, linux, mac

Touch object diameter


Light resistance

Full angle resistant to ambient light



Glass hardness

Mohs 7

Glass transmittance

More than 95% (tempered glass)

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