Splicing Infrared Touch Screen

Splicing Infrared Touch Screen

Shenzhen Xinhechang Technology Infrared touch screen multi-touch frame custom manufacturers, such as all-in-one touch frame, projection touch frame, splicing screen and touch frame system Multi-touch, driver-free, USB data transmission and power supply! A USB plug can be used to realize the touch of the large screen, which can be customized according to the size. Due to different sizes and production difficulties, you can customize it by mail!
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Product Details

I Basic Infor:

Screen type:Infrared

Resolution:32768 * 32768

Transmittance :Greater than 95 %%

Brightness :450cd / ㎡

Contrast :3500: 1


Clicks:80 million times

II Aplication :

The splicing touch frame is an important part of the touch splicing screen system. Compared with other media propaganda carriers, the touch splicing screen reflects the extensiveness, intuitiveness, and fun of human-computer interaction and presentation, and has a strong visual impact. It has made a big step forward in the development of the touch industry. It is also a promoter of super-sized display integrated touch. The large-sized spliced touch TV display wall has involved schools, shopping malls, banks, digital exhibition halls, corporate exhibition halls, and government Institutions and military command can be equipped with digital content, interactive games, animation, 3D, VR, interactive audio and video, etc. It is an indispensable and effective application device for today's interactive large-screen demonstrations.

III Specifications :


The technology principle:Infrared induction


Touch way :A finger, pen, or other opaque object


Touch points :Ten o 'clock


Minimum touch object diameter:3 mm

Positioning accuracy:less than 2 mm

Resolution (interpolation):32768 x32768

Transmission speed:12 mbit/s

Scanning speed (response):8 ms

Infrared performance:Ultra-long distance shooting, four sides work at the same time, touch no dead Angle


Drive free, plug and play

Power consumption :Less than 350 ma

Multi-touch supported system platform:Windows7 flagship, Wi Windows7 professional, Windows7 home high

 Level 1, Windows8 standard, vinos 8 professional, Windows8

Enterprise, Vindows10; Android, Linux.

The above system supports multi-touch function, and the operating system is original (not

CHOST) will be more effective.