7 InchTFT Capacitive Touch Screen Display Solution (Schematic, Design Guide, BOM)

- Oct 17, 2019-

 I  7-inch TFT capacitive touch screen display overview:

      Capacitive touch displays typically provide higher quality and a better user experience than traditional resistive touch displays. This reference design shows how to connect a capacitive touch display to a Sitara AM437x processor. The display has an integrated touch screen controller that interfaces with the AM437x through its I2C port.

II TFT capacitive touch screen display features:

Color 7-inch TFT LCD panel with capacitive touch user interface

WVGA 800x480 pixel resolution with 24-bit RGB interface

Integrated DSS (Display Subsystem) with LCD interface to Sitara AM437x processor

Capacitive touch screen connected to Sitara AM437x processor via I2C

27 white LEDs TPS61081 PWM controlled LED driver for backlight control

The power required by the LCD is provided by the TPS65105 linear regulator supply.