A New Round Of Big-screen Touch Revolution Is Coming Soon

- Oct 29, 2019-

A new round of large-screen touch revolution, the whole industry linkage accelerates the development of capacitive screens. China's demand in the global electronic whiteboard market is far ahead, and the policy pulls the demand for the education market to grow steadily and rapidly. From the perspective of industry and product development trends, new scenarios have spawned new demands and subdivided new products have received attention. After the education industry was launched through the "Guidelines for Calligraphy Education in Primary and Secondary Schools", calligraphy gradually gained attention, and electronic whiteboards increased the demand for calligraphy writing. New products such as electronic blackboards (nano blackboards), electronic whiteboards, and electronic school bags have emerged according to demand. In particular, electronic blackboards (SNW touch technology) have received increasing attention from the market.

This year, as the thinning policy is getting closer to the end and the spread of electronic whiteboards is approaching saturation, the demand for electronic whiteboards in the Chinese education market has gradually changed from new demand to newer demand. At the same time, with the adjustment of bidding policies and the standards of electronic whiteboards The introduction of the market demand for high-end products and the demand for quality have also provided an opportunity for the development of SNW (Silver Nanowires) touch technology. The macro environment is good, terminal demand is increasing and upstream enterprises are pushing. A new round of big-screen touch revolution is coming soon!