After Watching This, You Will Know Why The Battery Life Of Touchscreen Phones Is Shorter Now.

- May 21, 2019-

Why is the life of a phone's lithium battery getting shorter?


We know that battery capacity decays over time, but what exactly causes battery life to decline over the long term?A recent study by scientists in the United States found that the concentration of lithium ions in lithium-ion batteries fluctuates, which explains the shorter battery life and could help develop batteries that charge faster and last longer.

Lithium ion battery internal isn't like we think about the unit is a single crystal with unity, but more like the surface of the sea form a ripple effect, in the process of charging, nanoparticles in the lithium ion concentration are on the increase, but the lithium ion can choose out in some area, cause inconsistent between lattice lithium ion concentration.


Actually before the lithium ions into the lattice unit, lattice structure is relatively uniform, but when the lithium ions into the lattice unit will stretch lattice, but when lithium ion flow lattice unit, lattice cell contraction, the tensile, a contraction, in the long process of charging and discharging uneven movement, lattice unit creates fatigue sex, over time will cause the damage to the battery, lead to internal active molecular structure deformation.