Capacitive Screen And Multi-touch Control Are The New Trend Of Tablet Technology In The Future

- Jun 26, 2018-

If a mobile phone, so small screen, and there is not much difference between resistive and capacitive touch panel, 

so on the tablet, capacitance screen will undoubtedly lead to better control experience. This is why the on switch interface has a certain operating advantages, now you see a lot of tablet is designed based on the resistive screen, apparently in order to reduce the threshold. 

But along with the increase in tablet users, market increase, capacitance screen will continue to decrease, the price 

of no capacitance and multi-touch, obviously can't satisfy user needs, we can be seen from the red core micro 2818 overseas custom models, in addition to the 3 g connection,MultiTouch MultiTouch is the trend for new tablets in the future, as many apps for tablets are in web pages, photo browsing, and gaming experiences.