China Has Taken A Solid Step Towards Breaking The Monopoly Between Japan And South Korea On Memory Chips

- Jun 26, 2018-

Current global memory chip mainly Han Meiri possessed in The Three Kingdoms, China's top three chip companies Yangtze river storage, hefei long xin, fujian experiences have recently began to install the machine in the second half of this year is expected to put into production of memory chips, it is expected to break the monopoly Han Meiri memory chips.

Memory chips have NAND flash, DRAM, mainly in the global NAND flash market share of the top five respectively, samsung, Toshiba, western digital, micron, SK hynix, market share of 38.0%, 17.1%, 16.1%, 11.5%, 16.1%;The top three DRAM market shares were samsung, SK hynix and micron, with market shares of 45%, 28% and 21% respectively.

By visible on the global memory chip one is samsung, the NAND flash and DRAM market are dominant market share, and according to the national South Korea is a leading global memory chips, have two memory chips samsung and SK hynix enterprises.


China is the world's largest manufacturer of memory chips have a huge demand, China's procurement of memory chips account for about twenty percent, nearly two years the global memory chip prices continue to rise in China has a huge influence, causes the already thin margins industry by its bitter, to break the situation to develop its own memory chip is the best solution, it is in this context, China began to develop its own memory chip industry.

Yangtze river storage, hefei long xin, fujian experiences of shouldering the burden, the Yangtze river main developing NAND flash storage, hefei long xin and development experiences of main fujian DRAM, three companies in the end realize the factory caps, recently started to move the machine and other production equipment, they are in the second half of this year as planned will start trial production of memory chips.

Memory chips, of course, China's enterprises also need to catch up in terms of technology after production Han Meiri memory chip companies such as, the Yangtze river to store the current in 32 layer NAND flash to the production of South Korea's samsung began to mass production last year 64 NAND flash, the Yangtze river storage hope in the next two or three years 64 NAND flash technology breakthrough, shorten technology gap to two years.

Hefei long xin, experiences of project put into production in fujian province DRAM, South Korea's samsung now has started using 18 nm process DRAM, and is developing more advanced production technology, hefei xin and experiences of fujian long after the production is expected to process these storage chip giant and large gap, after formally put into production will also face the yield problem, etc., will take time.

It is important to note that Beijing mega yi made a breakthrough in DRAM technology innovation company, it also reached a cooperation agreement with hefei industry investment holding group, plans to invest 18 billion yuan, with 19 nm technology production of memory chips, is expected to begin the end of the year, but it says it wants to achieve product yield this year reached 10%, suggesting that the production of memory chips is facing many technical problems, only yield is a considerable problem.

For China's vast manufacturing, even if the memory chip enterprises in China in the early a little backward in technology, but there is strong demand for low-end memory chip is still here, for the memory chip enterprises with the survival and development opportunities in China, they always have to catch up with Han Meiri memory chip business day, many of China's industry is not start from the low end, from scratch, from there to strong development process?