Chinese Manufacturers Have Released Their Latest Interactive Whiteboard Products

- Dec 05, 2019-


Broad IWB market

As a product of the implementation of digitalization, projection electronic whiteboards and liquid crystal electronic whiteboards have always faced each other. In the early days, due to the high production cost of large-size LCDs, compared with the projection electronic whiteboards that are generally high in size, the display effect of LCD electronic whiteboards was not dominant, so classrooms were more based on projection.

However, with the successive release of domestic high-generation production lines, the price of large-size LCD panels has further dropped, which will have an advantage over the traditional projection electronic whiteboards known for their large sizes. The small and medium classroom scene will drive the LCD TV whiteboard market and realize the transition from projection to LCD display. With the release of large-screen LCD production capacity, the projection whiteboard market will be threatened.

In addition to education scenes, business meeting scenes are also one of the markets for LCD whiteboards. The LCD whiteboard has natural advantages in user experience, the core of which is writing ability. Compared with the single visual projection, the LCD whiteboard can enable users to write records and improve office efficiency. In addition, LCD electronic whiteboards are more efficient than projection electronic whiteboards in terms of life and maintenance.

The intelligent teaching interactive blackboard integrates nano-touch, LCD display and computer host, and is equipped with professional teaching software. Functionally covered: touch interaction, multimedia teaching and chalk writing, seamlessly docking the traditional teaching blackboard and the sensible interactive blackboard, which is better than the projection electronic board in terms of interaction.

Commercial interactive large-screen tablet integrates multiple technologies such as infrared touch technology, intelligent office, conference, multimedia network communication technology, high-definition flat panel display technology, etc., and promotes traditional display terminals to full-featured human-computer interaction devices. Users of this product can implement writing, annotating, drawing, multimedia entertainment, and computer operation. Directly opening the device can easily perform wonderful meetings.

 A lot drives demand for IWB screens

Educational scenes and conference scenes will become the main battlefield of LCD business display. In the current period when LCD prices are generally reduced, it is foreseeable that the field will usher in more intense competition in the future. In 2018, the total domestic IWB shipments were 1.08 million, a year-on-year increase of 22.6%.

After subdividing the fields, the education scene will still firmly occupy the top position, but both will continue to grow. The size is getting bigger and bigger, the price is getting lower and lower, and the touch and other experiences are getting better. Following this logic, in the future, LCD whiteboards will become more competitive in the business display field.

Not only are electronic whiteboard products under education and conferences, there are also outdoor scenarios such as smart signage in the commercial display field. In the future era of 5G + AIoT, these outdoor screens will be given the property of physical connection, under the characteristics of IWB strong interaction , User advertising will become more accurate and interactive. In order to realize the entire solution, the demand for outdoor commercial display screens will become even more fiery and become the application point of upstream panel production capacity.