Classic Case Of Xinhechang Touch Product Customization

- Oct 23, 2018-

There are a lot of manufacturers that do touch control products such as electronic touch screen, electronic class brand, advertisement on the market, the price is different, the fish and dragon is mixed, so how on earth should we choose from a hundred of them and choose the best seller?The editor suggests you, want to inspect a company first of all aptitude, see a manufacturer to have the business that does not have a company to register certificate and industry high and new technology certificate to wait, have time had better be to undertake field investigation.Second, it is important to look at the success stories the company has worked with, because this is the most intuitive way to present the strength of the touch-screen customization manufacturer.Thirdly, it's better for the manufacturer to make a sample first and see how the finished product is.If the sample is good, we may consider further cooperation.Fourth, from the service attitude of customer service.Good merchants will certainly pay attention to the importance of service, and the timeliness and professionalism of customer service are important indicators to test the manufacturers.


There are many customized electronic touch screen products in shenzhen. Xinhechang is one of them, and many brand companies have cooperated with them. Long-term partners include midea group, lenovo group, kyushu group, CLP investment, mercedes-benz, dongshen electric, zhisuo technology, blue devil digital, etc.(in no particular order)


Midea is a leading technology enterprise group in consumer electronics, hvac, robotics and industrial automation systems, providing a wide range of products and services to create a better life.Midea group offers a wide range of products and services, including kitchen appliances, refrigerators, washing machines, consumer electrical appliances, home air-conditioning, central air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.


Lenovo is engaged in developing, manufacturing and selling reliable, safe and easy-to-use technical products and high-quality and professional services. Lenovo mainly produces desktop computers, servers, laptops, smart TVS, printers, pdas, motherboards, mobile phones, all-in-one computers and other products.


Mercedes-benz, an automobile brand that is almost universally known.From the birth of automobile to today, the development of mercedes-benz is not only a legend, but also represents the development of human automobile industry.Today, Mercedes is over 100 years old, but its name, like the company's slogan, is still loud."Exquisite, reliable and durable" is the tenet of mercedes-benz.

Quality touch the world, xinhechang adhere to the heart of every product.