Development Of Capacitive Touch Screen

- May 09, 2018-

In recent years, with the emergence of smart phones and tablet computers, the capacitive touch screen market has developed rapidly. From 2008 to 2012, China's touch panel shipments showed a rapid growth trend, and the average annual growth rate exceeded in four years. 40%, the industry is developing rapidly. In 2012, China's touch panel shipments were 426.64 million, an increase of 71.53% year-on-year. For the future development trend of the touch screen industry, the analysis believes that in 2013, the touch screen industry will continue to maintain rapid growth, and the Superbook and non-Apple smart phone market will be the biggest highlights of the touch market in 2013. The outbreak of market demand for ultrabooks was a major factor in the growth in demand for the touch screen market in 2013. Win8 promotes the prosperity of the ultrabook market and brings the prosperity of the touch screen market. Due to the development of Superbooks in 2013, the terminal brand has increased the proportion of super touch screens for product promotion. It is expected that the proportion of touch superbooks will exceed 40% in 2013, and the growth rate of touch notebooks will increase. Doubled.