Electromagnetic Furnace Touch Screen Failure Solution

- Nov 12, 2018-

Household electrical appliances sometimes encounter a few breakdowns, and the induction cooker is no exception.Let's see if it's wet.Put it in a ventilated place and let it dry first. See if it works.

There are two kinds of buttons on the market


One is that the button is pressed, and the switch is that the two touch pads cannot spring back normally when being pressed, or the two touch pads cannot touch when being damaged when being pressed by the touch pad. After being disassembled, check whether the button shrapnel is intact and whether it needs to be replaced

One is resistive. When the button is touched by the hand, a safety loop is generated to trigger conduction. There may be debris or dampness inside

According to the maintenance experience of the touch screen, the failure of touch keys is due to wet ground between the panel and the contact surface of the shrapnel.

In fact, the root cause of this failure is mainly due to the touch button of the fault signal processing part, namely the circuit around the elastic button, actually should be a circuit to improve the ground of the touch signal 4051 integrated block, the chances of 4051 itself being damaged are very slim!Make sure that the ground voltage of the touch key is 5V, the upstream resistance of the touch key is normal, and the power supply voltage is 4051, otherwise the touch key will not process the pressurization signal, and 4051 will not work properly.To customize various touch screens, please contact xinlilai photoelectric technology co., LTD., focusing on the development and research of advertising machines, all-in-one machines, capacitive touch screens, etc.