Explain To You How The Outdoor Touch Screen Is Waterproof?

- Mar 29, 2019-

Outdoor often rain, fog and other weather effects, so outdoor LED display must do waterproof treatment.As the structure of outdoor LED module and closed box is processed to form LED outdoor display box, the box is assembled into outdoor LED full-color display screen.So the LED display box is the basic unit of the display body.


The advantages of using LED box structure are as follows:

One is to facilitate scheduling, aging, on-site maintenance;

Secondly, it is convenient to pack and transport.

Third, the site installation and disassembly is convenient.

The outdoor LED display waterproof box is equipped with a display module in front, and the display drive circuit board is fixed inside the box.The switch power supply is mounted on the back cover of the housing.The back cover of the box body is also equipped with a fan and a window.The box body is sprayed with inner and outer surface, which has the functions of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation and flame retardant, etc.

As for the structure of outdoor full-color LED display screen, the first module should be outdoor full-waterproof module, the back of the module should be brushed with three anti-paint, the third, the box should be waterproof box, sealing better.

In general, the products shipped by xinli will be tested for waterproofing. The surface of the display screen will be sprayed with water for testing. After several tests, the protection level will be ensured to reach IP65 to achieve true waterproofing, and finally the products will be delivered to customers.In addition, the structure of the LED display box contains perishable parts, such as the metal column, circuit board, wiring terminal and connector.The components sensitive to water vapor are circuit board and electronic component pins.Other components are engineering plastics (polycarbonate), epoxy, rubber, etc., not sensitive to water vapor.

The current trend is that more and more customers have more requirements on LED display waterproof box structure, and they begin to develop towards thin and light, easy to disassemble box body, but from all aspects of analysis, not completely closed, thin and light will certainly play a waterproof effect, box structure just plays a role of dust, foreign bodies and so on.Small space is not easy to heat, and if a large area of water, is not conducive to treatment and maintenance.

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