Four Advantages Of Xinhechang Let You Feel Free To Choose

- Aug 08, 2018-

Four advantages of xinhechang let you feel free to choose:

I、11 years industry experience and self-owned factory

· · the factory has passed ISO and TUV certification

· · the product has passed the REACH144 test and meets the ROHS standard

II、 Proprietary trademark intellectual property rights

· · main ingredients in Japan or Taiwan

· · product functional testing

· · low staff turnover rate, over 50% of skilled employees over 2 years, and more than 80% of technical 

   and managerial personnel are veterans of the establishment of the factory

III、The order quantity can be flexibly

· ·1.17 "-85" is complete in size

· · the production process of all products is completed by ourselves and the quality of each link is effectively guaranteed

· · the product meets the requirements of industrial level, and can be touched with super waterproof, 

    oil proof, interference proof and gloves

· · the delivery time of high-end glass supply for corning gorilla is stable

IV. The delivery time is 3 working days at the latest

· · large room for capacity improvement

· · three shifts in production line