Full - Fit Technology Summary, One Time To Guide You To Understand All Types Of Full - Fit Technology

- May 17, 2019-

The first time I heard the screen full fit technology or hear a few times but still do not know what is the screen full fit technology, often we encounter manufacturers propaganda what OGS full fit and GFF full fit, is all fit, what is the difference?

What is full screen fit technology?

So what is full-fit technology? It starts from the components of screen and display screen. Full-fit screen is relative to non-full-fit screen.

At the beginning, due to the large air layer in the gaps of various components, the light transmission of the non-fully laminated screen was not good, and the display effect did not "jump on the paper" like the full-laminated screen.Screen full lamination technology is to adopt technical means to reduce the gap between layers, so as to achieve a better integration of one or several layers of protective glass, touch layer and liquid crystal layer and achieve better light transmittance.

What are the full screen fit technologies?What kind of good?

Now screen all joint technology according to display and process cost (low to high) in turn into the GFF, OGS, TOL, Oncell and Incell five full joint technology, specific technology I don't speak, popular, the iPhone since the iPhone 5 is used Incell screen all joint technology, samsung's Super AMOLED screen is use Oncell technology, using the flagship in China is TIF and OGS technology, one thousand yuan for the machine if it's all joint is the GFF, 99.99% usedHere's a rundown of the techniques:

These five technologies can be divided into three levels: GFF (low end), OGS and TOL (middle end), Incell and Oncell (high end).

GFF joint than in the whole joint screen all advanced a bit, just not all fit the glass in the middle of the screen touch layer to film substrate thickness (lower), and then film substrate coated with conductive coating on both sides, it can greatly decrease the thickness of the entire screen, improve the joint degree of the screen, so strictly GFF full joint is not a real full joint, the entire real laminating technology refers to the fusion layer in the middle of the touch up or down, up and protect glass fusion is OGS or TOL this type of joint, all touch layer fusion is down Oncell and Incell technology of apple and samsung.

So so, so-called the laminating technology is typically screen all three components (glass, touch layer and the liquid crystal layer) one of the two fusion, decrease the number of components and the thickness of the screen, to improve the light transmittance, as consumers as long as we know that cheap fully fit screen used by one thousand yuan (such as domestic mobile phone) technology is the GFF, in the whole joint is OGS and TOL (TOL is superior to the OGS), high-end is apple Incell and samsung use Oncell (Incell than Oncell).