Fully Fit Technology Development Trend

- Oct 29, 2018-

In the future, the development trend of the touch screen in xinhechang can be analyzed from the perspective of full bonding technology. The touch screen structure can be divided into three structures. From the perspective of the screen structure, the screen can be roughly divided into three parts.And these three parts need to be glued together. Generally, they need to be glued twice, once between the protective glass and the touch screen, and once between the display screen and the touch screen.According to the method of fit can be divided into full fit and frame paste.So-called box stick glue joint is also called mouth words, that is simple to secure around the screen and display with double-sided adhesive, which is at present most of the display screen is adopted by the joint mode, its advantage lies in the simple process and low cost, but because the display screen and the touch screen, there is air layer between the light refraction cause show effect after discounted become box posted the biggest drawback.

Full-fit advantage: full-fit technology makes the screen airless, which helps reduce the reflection between the display panel and the glass, making the screen look more see-through and enhancing the display effect.At present, some phones, such as apple 5, xiaomi, Nexus 7, samsung, etc., also use full-fit technology.Another advantage of full-fit technology is that the screen will never dust again.The touch module also improves its strength because of its close connection with the panel. In addition, the full fit can effectively reduce the interference of the display panel noise on the touch signal.

Full-fit may seem dominant compared to in-cellogs, but it has recently been widely used In mid-and-low-end products due to its technical barriers.The light and thin features of OGS meet the demand of this type of products, and due to cost considerations, the medium and low order products have lower requirements for glass strength, so OGS still has some living space in the market.However, few manufacturers have proposed solutions to the problem of hardness touch control sensitivity and transmittance. The OGS touch control scheme that can be adopted by advanced products is still to be achieved in the technical evolution.And junye touch screen manufacturer is already the industry leader in OQS.