G+G, G+P, G+F+F In Capacitive Touch Screen

- Sep 03, 2018-

Capacitive touch screens are very common around us, and many people don't know much about them.What does G+G, G+P, G+F+F mean in capacitive touch screen?

In fact, in capacitive touch screen, G+G, G+P, G+F+F are classified according to the structure composition of the touch screen. As we all know, a screen is composed of the screen touch screen and the protective screen of glass. What is the structure classification of these capacitive touch screen?

G+G: touch screen with surface toughened GLASS + GLASS material

G+P: touch screen with toughened glass surface +PC material

G+F: touch screen with tempered glass + FILM material

Many people are very confused about the selection of touch screen. Because of these types of capacitive touch screen, many people are caught in a dilemma. Which screen can be better used in their devices?

1.G+G capacitive touch screen.G+G capacitive touch screen is a screen made of surface toughened GLASS + GLASS. It has two parts: structural sensor GLASS + tempered GLASS cover plate. The main features are hard, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high light transmittance, smooth handling and high reliability.

G+F+F capacitive touch screen.G+F+F capacitive touch screen is made from the touch screen of toughened glass + FILM material. The main structure is two parts of toughened glass + FILM material. The main feature is that the screen is thin and suitable for medium and high-end customer groups.

3.P+G capacitive touch screen.P+G capacitive touch screen is a touch screen with toughened glass on the surface and PC material. The main structure is composed of sensor glass plus PET or PC material glass base plate, which is mainly characterized by low cost and simple process.

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