How Doesindustrial Touch Screen Go To Artificial Intelligence?

- Jul 02, 2018-

Artificial intelligence system is visual interpretation, through advanced technology and artificial intelligence AI speech and so on all kinds of artificial intelligence system, can undertake data visualization analysis, predictive maintenance, as well as in use process can better self judgment, from machine intelligence to the artificial intelligence, in the since birth, machine intelligence in time, to the artificial intelligence quietly entered into everyone's life.Whether in the industrial field or the civil field, the new wave of artificial intelligence revolution.


What can artificial intelligence do?

Modern touch screen manufacturers and design more and more variety, artificial intelligence technology in various fields of rapid development.Mention of artificial intelligence in the field of industry, everyone representation of industrial robots, and civil field, is the voice function of artificial intelligence, it should be possible the emergence of a human is earth-shaking changes.

The application of artificial intelligence in industry,

Industrial touch screen will be displayed on the screen in time data data visualization analysis of application of artificial intelligence processing can collect equipment operation data (such as temperature, speed, the energy consumption situation, production capacity, prompt the ability to work, etc.), and store data can provide a secondary analysis, energy saving time and energy saving materials for production optimization, early detect whether there are abnormal of equipment operation, application power consumption situation at the same time, provides the measures of reducing energy consumption.

How "from industry" to "artificial intelligence"?


Second, let the machine implement self-judgment diagnosis.Line fault alarm, the problems in time machine can run diagnostic, find the problems, and planning the reason, according to historical records maintenance or maintenance standards at the same time, tell us how to solve the problem of failure, so better maintenance?Touch screen manufacturers on the cloud, touch love, touch heart, with you, touch the future.