Instructions For Use Of Conference Room Touch All-in-one Machine

- Oct 30, 2018-

With the development of the enterprise, the meeting has become the daily work content, multi-functional meeting touch all-in-one machine has been more and more applied in the enterprise and the enterprise conference.As an electronic device with high frequency, what matters should be paid attention to in daily use to extend the service life of all-in-one touch machine?Follow the touch all-in-one machine manufacturer shenzhen xinli to find out more!

Don't break and mend

The all-in-one touch machine is a highly integrated electronic device with complex internal wiring and fine control components. Therefore, non-professional personnel should not disassemble or repair the multi-functional multi-functional contact all-in-one machine by themselves, so as to avoid line damage or poor contact. Professional repair personnel should be invited to finish all repair operations.

2. Ensure the voltage stability of touch all-in-one machine

Conference touch all-in-one as electronics, rated voltage is 220 v, the peak season, may lead to touch all-in-one line voltage instability, if not stable work for long time, may produce damage to internal electronic originals, so touching all-in-one line installation meeting best separated from high power equipment, ensure touch all-in-one rated voltage operation!??

Correct cleaning according to the instruction

Before cleaning the screen of the multi-function conference touch all-in-one machine, please unplug the power cord first, so as to ensure that the multi-function conference touch all-in-one machine is in the state of power cut, gently scrub with a clean soft cloth without thread, and do not directly apply spray on the screen.

Iv. Reasonable use

Do not expose the goods to the rain and sun, and avoid affecting the normal use of the goods.

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