Intelligent Washing Machine With Full Touch Screen Operation

- Nov 12, 2018-

Smart home appliances have become a new trend. Under this trend, the addition of touch LCD screen undoubtedly becomes an indispensable configuration for smart home appliances.The touch screen is more intelligent and convenient than the mechanical buttons, which can be operated with the touch of fingers.Just like the difference between smart phones and keypad phones, the former is more in line with modern usage habits.


At the IFA 2014 event, haier unveiled a smart washing machine with a touch screen.Thanks to the touch screen design, which can complete all the operating Settings of the washing machine on the screen, the machine completely eliminates the traditional mechanical buttons, and the appearance design is more simple.The washer also has a push button.The touch of the touch screen is totally different from the touch screen.Its traditional and classic temperament, for some nostalgia tradition, like the actual experience of touch, the feeling of button is more attractive.Customized touch screen on the photoelectric technology, manufacturers direct, trustworthy.