Is It Necessary To Apply A Touch Screen Phone Film?

- Dec 10, 2019-

If you are using a capacitive or resistive touch screen phone. If you ’re using a resistive touch phone, it ’s best to stick a protective film because you can use a stylus to get better results. Because the stylus pen is used to perform the stroke operation, the damage caused by the pen tip to the screen is still relatively large. If the screen's protective glass does not use special strengthening technology, problems such as inaccurate touch and other problems will easily occur after a period of time. But if your touch-screen mobile phone is made of a capacitive screen, the need for a film is not so strong, especially if you do n’t plan to sell your old phone when you change phones, you do n’t need to use capacitors. The touch screen of the screen performs too much special protection, because the capacitive screen mobile phone is mainly controlled by the finger, and the wear is much smaller than that of the stylus. Of course, if you are more concerned about fingerprints, grease, dust and other problems that may cause the screen to be dirty, of course, you can also choose a film. Generally speaking, in this case, you are recommended to give priority to those with strong resistance to fingerprints and grease. Scrub film, so it will be easier to clean daily.