Large - Sized Touch - Screen In The Future Car Market

- Jun 13, 2018-

According to the automotive industry, as the car can show its superiority and also more high-tech to carry out community. Car touch screen in the future will be to present more than 15 inch or larger size, usually used for the display of sedan chair, dashboard and navigation, vehicle traveling data recorder, etc., large size touch screen for sedan car will be a trend. But the car is becoming more and more concerned about its security, and is it can be applied in harsh environments or not? About these questions,  when choosing a touch screen manufacturers, for many car manufacturers,  there will be also some corresponding need to :Anti-glare, high transmittance, explosion-proof, fully bonded fingerprint elimination, vehicle clutter bad environment can be used normally.

Then for the real need, Xinhechang as a high-tech and after 10 years of practice to develop and produce a touch screen manufacturers, in 2007, specializing in large size touch screen, do now scale range between 1.5-88 inches, widely used in smart home, control, medical device, a bank, etc.