Manufacturer Of 10.1-inch Capacitive Touch Screen

- Jan 07, 2019-

10.1 inch USB interface capacitive touch screen manufacturers supply, in recent years, through product design and production of the ascension of our manufacturer needs to chip or function, have enhanced technology and son on the function of the application of the above interface also slowly more and become more tall, reduce the interface using the control panel to receive signals, such as we believe that the manufacturer is often used to touch screen interface is USB interface and Ic interface or HDMI interface and so on.

Touch screen driver is driven interface is used for more than few electronic products are in line with the use, because now people think line too much less is the safety line is not good to protect the line or testing line often very troublesome to check and check the line also many, now of the touch screen using conductive materials printed, then using FPC on electric conductance can be used.


The use of the IIC interface of the capacitive touch screen is that when we go to the FPC manufacturer, we find out that we are the IC, and then we will directly put it into the FPC device of the production, and then we will test whether the line is broken or the connection of the FPC line interface of the capacitive touch screen cannot be connected.