Microcrystalline Materials Introduce A New Generation Of Graphene Nano Silver Wire Composite Flexible Transparent Conductive Film

- Nov 16, 2019-

The graphene nano silver wire composite product has a small bending radius, and the resistance change rate is small when bent, and can be extended better, and has higher light transmittance. It has obvious advantages when applied to curved display devices, and it is expected to replace ITO (indium tin oxide material) as an important new display material in the future. Zhang Weihan, general manager of Micro-Crystal Co., Ltd. introduced that this is a new generation of graphene nano-silver composite flexible transparent conductive film that has been successfully introduced by the company using the latest nano-material manufacturing technology and technology. The development and mass production of this conductive film is expected to be applied in the future. In the field of flexible wearables.

Lu Peng, chairman of Crystal Materials Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters that graphene has good flexibility, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent physical and chemical stability, and is known as the "king of new materials". "But the specific application area is still unknown. The R&D path of an enterprise can be said to be a process of continuous trial and error."

High investment and high uncertainty are common problems in research and development. The road to R&D is difficult and difficult, and Lu Peng, who has been focusing on the research of new graphene materials for a long time, is deeply touched. At present, the common production method is catalytic growth on a metal substrate, and the production time is long, the production cost is high, and the yield is difficult to guarantee, and the researchers of the microcrystalline company extract useful materials from the graphene powder, and prepare the solution to be directly coated on the medium. In the above, the production cost is greatly reduced and the production efficiency is improved.

The thickness is only one-twentieth of the hair, and the strength is 200 times that of steel. Even if it is bent at a large angle, it will not break. Graphene with many unique and excellent properties is called "the king of new materials". As the only company in Anhui Province to achieve mass production of graphene, Microcrystalline has built a production line of graphene nano-silver composite flexible transparent conductive film, with a monthly production capacity of 200,000 square meters and a total of 68 patent applications. "And the most special point of our graphene conductive film is that it can be used for large screens," Lu Peng said. The electronic screen made of graphene can be used not only for touch display, but also for writing directly in chalk, which is very convenient in daily teaching.

Xinhechang Technology will use the latest technology and materials to produce more touch screen products that meet the expectations of new and existing customers.