Mini LED Technology Will Explode In The Next Two Or Three Years, Which Is The Future Development Trend Of The Panel Industry

- Dec 06, 2019-

We know that traditional LCD panels have backlight substrates, and high-end LCD TVs or displays often use partitioned backlight technology. Compared with the traditional white backlight panel, Mini LED can directly adopt RGB three-color LED modules to achieve the display effect without missing the three primary colors of RGB.

At the same time, the Mini LED can shrink the size of the LED unit to about 100 microns, which can make the light source control of the LCD panel more fine, and the contrast performance is better under HDR display. At the same time, because the Mini LED is smaller, the screen thickness can also be closer to the OLED screen.

Some people may say, isn't Mini LED just a finer partition backlight? Directly using RGB three-color MicroLED display will be better. The reason is indeed good, but the massive transfer technology necessary for Micro LED is still evolving and has not yet been commercialized in batches. Before the Micro LED era came, Mini LED was a good transition technology. This is why the market chose this technology.

How long can Mini LED technology last before Micro LED arrives? Let us wait and see.