On-board Touch Screen;Is Full Touch Right Or Wrong?

- Apr 19, 2019-

In the 21st century, when the automobile industry is rushing to adopt all kinds of high-tech technologies, large-screen touch screen has become a standard part of many high-end cars, but it is different from the touch screen used in mobile phones.If the driver wants to operate relevant instructions on the way of driving the car, he must look down at the on-board display, that is, the moment he lowers his head, a traffic accident may happen in the process of driving at high speed.

Because touch screens in full-touch displays are a distraction for drivers, they are responsible for a certain number of traffic accidents worldwide each year.

Now, U.S. automaker ford has added physical buttons or buttons to some of its dashboards instead of touch screens.

Many users reported that the touch screen was difficult to use in the car. On the contrary, by pressing a button, users could feel it with their hands without looking away from the road.Some cars offer both touch screens and knobs to control the radio, but many drivers never use touch screens and still rely on knobs or buttons.


Now, some automakers have experimented with voice control, offering voice menus that allow users to change the radio or change the air conditioning temperature more easily and safely than the physical controls drivers are accustomed to.