Overview Of The Market Development Of The Touch Screen Industry In China

- Oct 28, 2019-

According to the "China Capacitive Touch Screen Market Forecast and Investment Strategy Report (2019 Edition)" published by Limu Information Consulting, the global touch screen manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Taiwan and China.

The change of touch screen technology and the change of downstream demand have a great impact on the industrial pattern of the touch screen industry. The early capacitive touch screen manufacturers were mainly concentrated in Taiwan, China. Shenghua Technology and Shenghong Technology were the major touch screen suppliers in the world at that time; under the influence of the rapid development of the flat panel display industry and the downstream emerging consumer electronics market. China's touch screen manufacturers have increased their investment in capacitive touch screen projects;

At present, China's touch screen industry is fiercely competitive. Although the overall market has maintained a growth trend, it has already shown a situation of structural overcapacity. The trend of industrial integration is obvious. Some small-scale, backward technology touch screen manufacturers have already withdrawn from the competition. Under the background of the development of touch integrated technology, the competitive advantage of enterprises producing traditional external capacitive touch screens has weakened, and the penetration rate of embedded capacitive touch screens has increased year by year.

In the process of transition from the external structure to the in-line structure technology, with the further refinement and increase of the process flow, a more detailed division of labor has emerged in the industry, and a large number of photoelectric glass finishing enterprises have emerged. Xin Hechang has more than 10 years of industry expertise, using its own mastery of new technologies and flexible and rapid response capabilities, with unique advantages in glass thinning, ITO coating, In-cell anti-interference high resistance film and other subdivision processes. .