Principle Of Capacitive Touch Screen In Capacitive Touch Screen Field

- Jul 11, 2018-

SHENZHEN XINHECHANG touchscreen ‍ production manufacturers, the capacitance touch screen, industrial touch screen, screen, the capacitive touch screen and so on enterprise, touch screen to create strong and durable touch screen manufacturing infinite intelligence, in numerous capacitive touch screen products, embedded ultra-thin capacitive touch screen, the main advantage of this product is that thin big spirit.The product is a comparative leader in entertainment.Capacitive touch screen is introduced into the consumer electronics market, greatly improved.

Capacitive touch screen also started at the same time, the development of specification construction can be executed foot into the management of the police, the police public touch query all-in-one installation to the police station office buildings, traffic police brigade and police substation, and within the multi-touch query system installation case to handle queries, guide, department functions, service functions such as public security laws and regulations, just lightly touch screen prompts, you can talk with all the officers, can make a phone call feedback and reporting information, deal with police service information and other information.