Research On Current Situation Of Resistive Multi-touch Screen

- May 09, 2018-

There are many types of touch screens today, among which touch screens without multi-touch function have resistive type, surface wave interference, surface acoustic wave, surface capacitance, acoustic pulse recognition, stress measurement touch screen can realize multi-touch functions such as infrared matrix, image LCO Matrix, infrared waveguide matrix, sensing capacitance matrix touch screen. With the practical use of iphone sensing capacitive touch screens, the cost of sensing capacitive touch screens has begun to decline. The most widely used is the resistive touch screen, and the research is the most extensive. 

Multi-touch is to allow arbitrary selection and operation between multiple fingers, which can greatly enrich the type of operation, and multi-point operation can usually achieve smart gesture recognition, provide a more user-friendly user interface, and now the multi-touch screen has been Breakthrough in technology, but the application of these technologies have a large limitation, another important reason is that the corresponding multi-touch function has no corresponding definition, although smart gesture recognition can be achieved technically, but There are application restrictions on the application. For example, there are five points of touch. What does the combination of these positions mean? There is no corresponding standard and norm, which has caused the proliferation of technologies. There is no place to show the superiority of this kind of multi-touch in actual use. The most defined definition is the definition of one point and the definition of two points. In line with the actual application habits, some use the touch screen with multi-touch function, or do single-point or two-point touch screen operations, so these technologies used in these products have to say some waste. This shows that the application of technology also depends on the needs and specific applications, but also in line with everyone's application.