Resistance Touch Screen

- May 09, 2018-

The touch screen is structurally composed of an inductive liquid crystal display device. The inductive display can receive a signal from a touch head or other touch action. When the sensor display receives the touch signal, the entire touch device will execute different instructions according to a program written in advance to realize the user's touch intention. This technology replaces the traditional mechanical button device. With the liquid crystal display screen, it can get a very vivid image and operation enjoyment, and it has been welcomed by more and more people.

Touch screen technology first appeared in some industrial and commercial devices, such as POS terminals, elevator buttons and so on. The touch screen technology has greatly facilitated human-computer interaction. The touch screen itself is also very robust and durable. These features have made the touch screen technology a great application and development. With the touch screen technology, the user can solve the complicated operation problems in the past by clicking on the corresponding touch pattern with his/her finger, which greatly facilitates the user. As the introduction of iPhone mobile phones in recent years has stimulated the development of touch screen related industries, touch screen technology has also been applied to different products. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, cloud computing and other technologies, people's demand for and demand for touch screen technology is also increasing, I believe that touch screen technology will appear more and more in different electronic products. In addition, touch screens have great room for development in the automotive electronics and retail industries. According to related authoritative investigations, by 2012, the touch screen market for automotive electronics and retail will reach US$2 billion, accounting for the overall touch screen industry. 20% of the market. At the same time, in the PC industry, due to the continuous development of the Microsoft operating system, touch screen technology will also occupy a very important role. In addition to the medical field, public facilities and other areas, the touch screen control technology will be further popularized and has excellent market expectation.