Result Of The Test Of The Surface Impact Strength Of The Glass

- Oct 23, 2019-

on Oct 23 1019 ,we did an experiment of the impact stregnth of the glass of our projected capacitive touch screen ,the result is as follow :

I Experimental purpose:

Test the surface impact strength of the glass.

2. Experimental conditions:

    2.1 T=5.0mm tempered glass

    2.2 Falling ball test bench (H=1000mm)

    2.3 1040g steel ball.

    2.4 In the range of 50MM*500MM in the four corners of the glass, take a total of four points and a center point of 50mm*50mm. Use 1040g steel ball for 3 times ball impact test without breaking:


3. Experimental method:

        First, fix the position of the cushion supported by the glass frame (the rubber pad is 15mm from the outer edge of the glass, the rubber pad is 3mm thick, the rubber pad is 15mm, the rubber pad is A50), and then the 1040g steel ball is fixed on the ball drop test bench. The height of the table (the height of the steel ball from the glass surface is H=1000mm), and the ball impact is repeated three times at the point to be tested.

        Second, the number of sheets of glass to be tested is 6 pieces.

        Third, the position to be tested is: the radius of the product center is within 25mm.


4. Experimental results:

     The glass is not broken, and the impact point has no impact marks.

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