Self-check-in On The Touch Screen, Confirm The Check-in, The System Will Print The Ticket

- Dec 04, 2019-

In order to solve these problems, the company applied a new generation of touch screen self-service sign-in machines, which can realize self-check-in of users, print labels by themselves, and automatically save records. The entire self-check-in process is also very simple: the guests arrived at the venue, guided by the staff, walked to the self-check-in machine, placed the QR code of the APP in the phone on the sensor, confirmed the check-in, and the system printed the ticket. Admission with tickets.


  A new generation of touch screen self-service check-in machines with a cloud interface, which can flexibly connect various applications and allow secondary development. It is widely applicable to all kinds of industry conferences, large-scale exhibitions, product launches, and business celebrations. It also meets the actual needs of self-check-in for members of education, training, and catering services.