Shenzhen Touch Screen Manufacturers Produce 7 - Inch Wall Capacitance Screen

- Mar 14, 2019-

People are familiar with the man-machine interaction mode of keyboard and mouse, but with the development of technology, more and more interactive modes begin to appear, such as AR, VR, etc., several advanced man-machine interaction modes are introduced, including the human skin as the interface.


For centuries, wall brought inspiration for many artists, craftsmen, let them creation mural painting and art, plays a brainstorming, and now has a larger design on metope, in order to design for large content perception sensing system, is the use of wall paint, as long as the coating, can make the white wall into a large human-computer interaction interface.How is the wall capacitor screen used?Turn the white wall into a large piece of human-computer interaction, then apply a special conductive coating and add white powder lime to make it look like a normal wall.


After installing a sensor, the touch screen will be connected with an automatic sensor. Just like the touch screen mobile phone, mutual capacitance will be measured against the wall to create a matrix value, so that the wall can sense the distance from people's hands or objects.