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- Aug 09, 2018-

Although touch screens have permeated our lives, the technology has always given a sense of high-end elegance.In the 

future, as technology improves, capacitive touch screens will become thinner and lighter, even integrated with computer systems.

In real life, mobile phones are not so convenient.For example, if you come home, you need to turn on a light, capacitive 

touch screen, or turn on a situational mode. The normal mode is to turn on the phone, enter the corresponding functional 

area of the app, and then turn on the light, or turn on the operation mode, which is troublesome and tedious.But if there is 

a background touch screen in the doorway, in the accessible location, it can be very easy.

The main function of the touch screen, centralized control, through a simple LCD touch screen can achieve all functions, 

and in the existing functions to do further improvement.Capacitive touch screen is more durable, aging resistant and high temperature resistant.The double glass design of capacitive touch screen can effectively prevent the influence of external environmental factors on the touch screen. The integrated touch screen can calculate the touch position accurately even if the screen is stained with dirt, dust or oil.