Shenzhen Xinhechang Technology Modern Capacitive Touch Screen Advantages

- Oct 22, 2018-

Mainly divided into four kinds: the kinds of common touch screen, capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screens, ultrasonic infrared touch screen touch screen, capacitive touch screen is widely used now, xin and chang touchscreen small make up gather relevant information about the capacitive touch screen, let's look at capacitive touch touch screen exactly what are the advantages




The capacitor screen USES the human body as an electrode of a capacitor element in principle. When there is enough capacitance coupled between the conductor and the interlayer ITO work face, the current flowing away is enough to cause the power panel to misbehave.Shenzhen capacitive touch screen customization manufacturer, the first choice is shenzhen xinhechang technology co., LTD., which enjoys good reputation among peers, good online comments and many repeat customers.The touch screen is supposed to support mixed batch, starting from 10,000 yuan or more than 2 sets.