Smart Home Touch Screen: Home Life Towards Intelligent Is An Inevitable Trend

- Feb 19, 2019-

Smart home touch screen: home life towards intelligent is an inevitable trend

With the Internet of things, cloud computing and other emerging technologies have entered the smart home industry, many manufacturers have formed their own characteristics of their products, the price is also gradually towards the trend of civilian.From wired to wireless, from concept hype to application implementation, smart home after more than a decade of development, finally achieved a qualitative leap.

In addition, the home appliance industry has also set off a wave of intelligent, industry giants are competing to launch a variety of smart home appliances.At present, in terms of smart white goods, smart refrigerators and smart air conditioning technology platforms have been completed.

Through cloud computing, the home will become an open cloud platform. Mobile phones, tablet computers, personal computers and other terminals can share information in real time and lock the focus of attention, so as to meet users' needs for security, comfort and even social contact.Cloud computing will make smart homes more powerful.

The combination of digital intercom and smart home is also an inevitable trend of the market.The digitalization of intercom fundamentally opens the development bottleneck of intercom system and makes it possible to combine smart home with it.And the combination of poc and smart home system further improve the value-added space of poc system, system cost performance has also been improved, so as to make the new system more widely used.

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