The Capacitive Screen Manufacturer Teaches You To Identify Resistive And Capacitive Screens

- Feb 21, 2019-

Resistive screen: resistive screen is operated by clicking and pressing, that is, the screen feels the pressure of your finger or stylus, and then accepts the operation.The idea is to put pressure on the screen, which creates an electric current that creates a touch.

Capacitive screen: the capacitive screen is operated by electrostatic induction, that is, the screen senses the static electricity of your finger and accepts the operation.Touch sensitive, no screen pressure, support for multi-touch, but only with the finger touch, the relative accuracy is not very high.

Capacitive screen manufacturers believe that the difference between the two is that instead of using a stylus, the capacitive screen USES a finger to touch the screen (special stylus is also available for capacitive screen), while the resistive screen needs stylus or other sharp objects to complete the operation.For example, when you get the mobile phone, you can touch the screen with your fingernail or something hard, as long as it can be operated, it is the resistive screen; otherwise, it is the capacitive screen.The capacitive screen looks better in sunlight than the resistive screen.Capacitive touch screen is easy to realize multi-touch function (emphasis) resistive screen is point touch, often with a touch pen, low sensitivity, capacitive screen is surface touch.